Basics of Indonesian Tax Law


Tax system in Indonesia seen from accounting system When implementing accounting system in Indonesia, some tax knowledge becomes necessary. Related to payroll system is income tax PPH21. Related to invoice issue or receipt is VAT (PPN). Related AP settle Read More

The order of the PHP files loaded when WordPress starts(Start WordPress2)


At the time of starting WordPress, the core module parses (analyze a text document written according to a certain grammar such as program source code or XML document and convert it into an aggregate of data structures that can be handled by the program) the URL entered in the browser, converts it into a SQL query based on the confirmed queries, retrieves posts and pages from MySQL and stores them in global variables, While tracing, the process of confirming the theme template runs.

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Tax system for Indonesian e-commerce


Tax on Taxable Income to Small Business Owner In Indonesia as taxes on the taxable income to UMKM small business owners (Usaha Mikro, Kecil, dan Menengah) with annual sales of 4.8 Miliyar or less, it is not such income tax (PPh 25 bulanan) , but it takes Read More

The Flow of Cost of Goods Manufactured


Raw material cost (Raw Material Warehouse) Let’s assume that we are manufacturing furniture, and we have a couple of building to store manufacturing facility. First building is raw material warehouse.?Now what goes into raw material? Let’s as Read More

Categories of product cost


All product cost can be categorized into 3 sub groups, direct material (DM), direct labor (DL), and manufacturing / factory overhead (MOH/FOH). If you see abbreviation MOH as manufacturing overhead, if you see abbreviation FOH as factory overhead, both m Read More

Cash basis vs Accrual basis


Cash basis vs Accrual basis in terms of revenues and expenses Now we compare the contrast in the cash basis accounting vs the accrual basis accounting. What are these accounting system??These are 2 different types of accounting methods by which company c Read More

Method of Journal Entry


How to convert the transaction “Purchased office supplies on account” into the language of accounting. Now I’m going to show you how to remember the rule of debit and credit, so you know, how to prepare the financial statement using thi Read More

Production Scheduler

1. Overview Greeting I am in charge of implementing Asprova that creates production schedule and purchase schedule, at high speed for much varieties of items which have multiple processes with different capacity, while integrating MFG(Manufacturing) ord Read More

Variable Cost and the Fixed Cost


Variable cost Assume that?we are going to use wood to manufacture a table.?The wood would be raw material that is used to manufacture the table. Let’s assume that each table requires Rp.500,000 of wood.?If you manufacture one table, the unit variab Read More